Lo! As Fools Ripen

I’ve always wanted to make a metal music video. Then I saw Lo! play. I thought lead singer, Sam Dillon, was going to turn himself inside out with his gut wrenching convulsions on stage. One of the most animated and captivating lead singers I've seen perform.

I wanted to create an abstract, ever evolving human form that became more and more distorted and messed up throughout the length of the clip. A visual representation of the multiple personalities Lo! present on stage.

It was an amazing experience working with the band on the shoot and through the post process on what was hands down the most technically challenging music video i've worked on to date. This piece really wasn't possible without a huge push from the VFX team to create a clip that i'm extremely proud of. It really is the best kind of a beautiful mess.

Director: Toby Pike
Producer: Adrian Shapiro
DOP: Dan Freene
Gaffer: Jeremy Shaw
Post Artist: Jesse Meha
Post Artist: Andy Timms
Post Artists: Quade Biddle
Pre-Vis Artist: Toby Pike
Motion Control Engineer: Dan Miller