Chasing Monsters

In late May 2018, 4 film makers set out to the mid-west of the USA to meet weathered storm chaser and photographer, Nick Moir.

The next 2 weeks would be exactly like the film Twister. We weren’t expecting that cliché , but it was exactly that. Driving miles looking at the most incredible cloud formations you could imagine, eating at shitty diners, getting repeatedly smashed by hail and high winds, watching the sky open above us.

I hadn’t shot anything like this before. I’m used to the studio life, easy paced, reserved and calm. This was the complete opposite. The car suddenly slams on the brakes, we all jump out into the hectic weather with cameras in hand, we charge for position and shoot ferociously until it’s too unsafe to shoot anymore. Jump back in the car and line up to do it all again.

This was a project to remember.

Director: Krystle Wright & Toby Pike
DOP: Skip Armstrong
Timelapse: Keith Ladzinski
Editor: Jordan Swioklo
Colourist: Alina Birmingham
Post: Andy Timms
Sound Design: Stuart Welch
Music Composition: Jesse Watt

& Nick Moir.