I honestly didn’t know much about Mike Posner when he approached me to create a music video for him. But when his manager told me he was currently on a personal pilgrimage walking across America, my ears immediately pricked up.

To understand that he had decided to leave the pop musician lifestyle behind and take a journey of personal growth and change was hugely interesting and had such depth that I knew it was a project I needed to be a part of. Once I had heard the track and lyrics I was sold.

I wanted the clip to be a celebration of the walk and really hero the journey he was on. To me it needed to paint a beautiful picture of the midwest of America but then show his personal change in a way this was subtle and not over done.

I’m really proud of this film. In many ways it’s very different to what I’ve done in the past, but then again I alway try to stay true to the song and stylise and enhance the emotional truth behind the lyrics.

Director: Toby Pike
Producer: Talia Bella
DOP: David Keninger
Editor: Toby Pike
Colourist: Alina Bermingham
Animation: Mighty Nice - Sydney